planet single

sfx & postproduction for a hit film

Polish film Planet Single, directed by Mitja Okorn (produced by Radosław Drabik and Michał Chaciński) follows the story of people that find each other. He (Maciej Stuhr) one of the top celebrities in the country: a talk-show host with the most outrageous and original show on TV, where he uses puppets to satirize modern life. Women want to be with him, men want to be like him. She (Agnieszka Wiedlocha) a teacher at a music school – a timid girl looking for Mr. Perfect on an online dating site because it is Valentine's Day. Her web dates will become the basis for his new show, where he will satirize various types of men women can meet on the internet. The show will become a huge hit. It seems the two are destined to fall in love and be together, but one day she actually will meet Mr. Perfect online.


The screenplay was written by Sam Akina, Jules Jones, Mitja Okorn, Łukasz Światowiec and Michał Chaciński, based on story by Urszula Antoniak. The film has already been labeled by the press as “the best romantic comedy in over 20 years”. A rare case of a commercial and critical success, Okorn’s work has been rated 5 stars by the prestigious Gazeta Wyborcza daily and scoring 7.8 average on Filmweb (Poland's most popular film site).

the idea

The movie's main logo has been created from the fictional dating app identity.  The symbol conveys infinity and affection.

App identity

Although fictional, the dating app has been designed as a real one, including UX and interface. All it's missing is the code.

App animation

iOS-like on-screen massage animations have been carefully designed and implemented throughout the movie as they play an integral part in the narration of the story.


intro design & animation

The world of the Wolf is the intro animation inspired by the Polish animation classics. Very straight forward, it is appropriate for a dynamic launch into the storyline and fast developing situations.

This logo is designed for the TV show the protagonist hosts.

This logo is designed for the TV network where the storyline happens. It is made from initials of the director and producers and is flirting with the OCD condition the director's style of work has been known for.


compositing breakdown

Since it is about the mobile devices and showbiz world, many of the shots had to go through a rigorous compositing procedures and manipulations.


The after ending outcome is made with one-shot animation using the Photoshoped newsstand and magazines with titles explaining the afterlife of all main movie characters.