tadej vodičar

A Modern Law Office

A small and independent law firm can have a hard time establishing a distinguishing image amongst the competition who has been out there chasing cases for decades. That is why we took a modern and daring route when we began designing for Tadej Vodičar Law Office.


Up until our redesign, this law office had a very restrained identity that basically didn’t stretch beyond the logo in terms of communication. We decided to go bold with colors, modern typography and dynamic composition while retaining the image of a conventional and professional institution.

The begining and the end

This project started with client's request for revamping their old website which consisted of a gray logo on a lighter gray background with a darker gray system text underneath.

We decided to keep the coveted gray, but to also add a pair of unconventional colors to the play.


However, the website is usually at the tail of the project when developing a new identity, therefore we started with the head before proceeding towards the rest of the body.



the LOGO

The law firm’s old logo has been slightly corrected and revitalised with the addition of a graphic symbol of two triangles depicting the title letter ‘T’ and ‘V’, which essentially form a figure of a scale. This symbol represents justice and is commonly associated with the business of law.

Two coloured triangles are used as a unique pattern throughout all stationery of Tadej Vodičar law office and on the company’s website.