troja caffe

Start your day with perfect coffee

The key for making a great espresso is a good coffee blend. For several decades now Troja Caffe is considered as one of the very best independent coffee brands in Slovenia. Their sophisticated mixtures of top-quality coffee beans bring pleasure to countless homes and cafes around the country.


Following Troja Caffe’s principles of quality and customer satisfaction, Felicijan Sedmak designed a complete line of packaging along with basic business stationery and car wrapping graphics.

We used the warm color base of the packaging paper to dominate the design as it is associated with roasted coffee, while traditional and maximalist typography composition is balanced with modern lines and vectorized graphics.

"New packaging proved much more cost efficient while our design gets great feedback from customers all the time."


Žiga Trontelj, COO of Troja d.o.o.


highlights the fine line between simplicity and richness, and between traditional and modern.

A solid combination that satisfies a wide array of customers, just like a fine espresso.