a Car show with character

The most popular car show on Slovenian TV networks has been introducing all that is fun, new and interesting in the exciting automotive industry. The weekly show is well known and respected for its expert reviews and car tests. Although it is always up to date with the newest and most fascinating industry stories, the show has always been mindful of the true car lovers and aficionados, presenting insightful segments of the automotive history, culture and sports.


Energetic and at times comedic presenters make 30 minutes drive by instantly. The show boasts a huge and loyal fan base that covers audiences larger than a typical car TV show viewer-ship. Due to the producers vigilant web and social media presence, the reach and influence has spread to all media outlets and is proving to be a key player in the Slovenian automotive media landscape.


The only style suitable for a car show is fast, fun and full of energy. Felicijan Sedmak intros, breaks, bumpers and montage make it exactly that. Burning rubber gets hot to look at with our synchronization and sound finalization.

The show's name Volan has provided a simple and straight-forward direction that lead to bold corporate identity designed by Felicijan Sedmak. Octane green and the V shaped steering wheel leave no doubt about what this brand revolves around. Like high speed motion, this identity demands attention and will get in your face.

All brands require loving
care and maintenance.